How To Maximizing Your Self-Healing From Home REDUCE or REMOVE Dependence Drugs, Injections or Surgery? 

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Dr. Cormier pulls back the curtain on his proprietary O.W.L. Method - Using Oxygen, Water & Light to maximize your health FROM HOME. This is the SAME exact method that we use in our clinic to help our patients resolve some of the most difficult health challenges.

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Dr Cormier On-Demand™ is a video portal that contains the last 24 years of experience treating over 15,000+ patients, and resolving some of the hardest health challenges that exist. 

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You wouldn’t drive a car without checking the oil and refilling the gas tank, would you?

And you wouldn’t fill the gas tank with gasoline tainted with impurities—it would ruin the engine.

So why would you run this beautiful body of yours without checking

on its essential system—the nervous system—and making sure it

has everything it needs to be in good working order?

Your brain and spinal cord are the power company of your body.

Just as the fuel system powers your car, your nervous system powers your body. 

I’ve learned from experience that about half the health of your power system comes from your parents—that’s genetics—and half comes from regular maintenance and health.

Some of us are born driving a Ferrari and some of us are born driving a Yugo.

Dr. Chris Cormier

Meet Your Instructor


My name is Dr. Chris Cormier and I have been a practicing chiropractor and healer for over 20 years. 

It is my calling to assist people in fine tuning their body and healing.

These thoughts are what have driven me in my practice to find the most effective ways to help people feel better faster without drugs, injections, or surgeries.

This is how I discovered the OWL Method™. 

The OWL Method™ is a system of routine maintenance for our bodies that can help keep us in tip-top working order.

Here's How The OWL Method™ Works

Oxygen, Water, and Light are the human body’s top 3 ingredients needed to sustain quality of life. 

Deficiencies in these key ingredients lead to decline in good health. On the contrary, adding these 3 important “fuels” to our bodies, and maintaining them, can greatly improve overall health and wellness.

Our gas and oil—oxygen, water, and light—have been artificially depressed in modern times. 

We live in a world of processed foods and corn syrup-laden beverages and fluorescent lights. 

In a perfect world, we would have a “check engine” light come on in our bodies when we have something wrong. 

We could then head to a mechanic who could run a system check and we would be able to fix our health problems right away by replacing a part or adding new oil.

But the human body is way more complex than a car. 

We do have systems in place to alert us of problems in our bodies.

Aches, pain, numbness, tingling, burning, throbbing, fever, illnesses, etc. are just a few of our “check engine” lights.

Many of us ignore these warnings and try quick fixes to just get through the day. These quick fixes can be anything from NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), OTC (over-the-counter) medications, injections, and even surgeries.

These methods are oftentimes just addressing the symptom and not the cause. 

I truly believe that the OWL Method™ can help get to the root of any ailment and our amazing machine (the body) can heal itself better than any outside influence can.

So WHY Does The OWL Method Matter?

💊 Drugs

💉 Injections

🔪 Surgeries

Conventional healthcare only has a few tools in it's box of D.I.S.

3 Major Types Of Stress

These stresses can cause momentary interference or “short circuits” in nerves.

Sometimes the body automatically reboots these nerves and other times it doesn’t fully restore power to all of its parts.

❌ Physical Stress

❌ Emotional Stress

❌ Biochemical Stress


Gabe Lebeouf

Gabe was a great running back until he injured his shoulder in the beginning of his junior season in high school.

He saw doctors who recommended that for the rest of his junior season, he wear a restrictive brace on his shoulder and only play linebacker (not running back).

They recommended that after the football season they would do exploratory surgery on his shoulder to try to figure out the problem. 

Thank goodness, Gabe and his family heard about us. He came to see us immediately following his junior season, and we found and repaired plenty of nerve weaknesses.

He played his entire senior year as a starting running back and ended up winning the state championship.

He never had surgery on his shoulder and is now in medical school.

Here Are Some Patient Stories.

Katrina McDaniels

Katrina was a 3-sport athlete in college. She got married and had a beautiful baby girl. Her life was that of many aspiring young families.

In October 2020, her life took a major turn. 

She was involved in an automobile crash that rendered her paralyzed from the chest down. 

After being hospitalized and going through many tests, doctors discovered she had suffered a life-spiraling-downward combination of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a transient ischemic attack (TIA), and a spinal cord injury. 

Doctors gave her no hope and offered only a slew of medications with no likely possibility of walking again.

She was just 25 years old and paralyzed with no feeling from her chest and core down into her legs.

After many prayers, she was called to go to the Nerve Health Institute®.

In just 3 months of treatments with the OWL Method™ in our office, she was walking by herself—unassisted! 

She has been walking and functional for more than 1 year now. She is working her way up the ranks in her job and sometimes having to lift items over 70 lbs!

"Dr. Chris Cormier is the most compassionate, passionate and hardworking chiropractor I've ever known. He strives to fix — not to 'cover up with meds, braces or surgeries) like my previous doctors."

Griffin Hebert

During a football game, as a wide receiver, Griffin was running across the field and forcefully collided heads with a member of the opposing team.

He instantly acquired a headache and had the “breath knocked out of him.” He was brought immediately to the sidelines, showing both pupils dilated.

He was benched from play for 2 weeks to follow the “concussion protocol”. Three weeks following the trauma, he was still experiencing concussion symptoms.

He presented to the Nerve Health Institute® with headaches and extreme light sensitivity.

It was determined that 5 of Griffin’s 12 cranial nerves were dysfunctional. After a week of nerve rehabilitation, Griffin reached full resolution of his symptoms. He is back on the field and playing at 100 percent.

He also finished his high school career and played an additional 5 years in college at Louisiana Tech Football.


With my membership site and instructional step-by-step videos, I’m going to show you a new box with new tools in it that may very well allow you to fix what’s broken in an innovative way without those drastic measures. 

That new box contains the OWL Method™. 

The OWL Method™ is based on the idea that your cells primarily need 3 essential ingredients to be healthy and fully functioning: Oxygen, Water, and Light.  

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell needs a significant amount of oxygen, water, and light to be healthy.

🌬 Oxygen

💧 Water

☀️ Light

The OWL Method™


Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Health?